I am Ben Gibson, sociologist with RAND. I work on applications, theory, and methods for social networks. Feel free to visit my CV or google scholar page.

Selected Papers:

Ben Gibson and Carter T. Butts. 2022. “The Effect of Temporal Adjustments on Dynamic Sexual Contact Models.” Accepted to Social Networks.

Ben Gibson, Norbou Buchler, Blaine Hoffman, and Claire Le Fleur. 2021. “Endogeneity and Permeation in an Organizational Communication Network.” Social Networks.

Ben Gibson, Sarah C. Vos, Jeannette Sutton, and Carter T. Butts. 2020. “Practical Imputation of Follower Counts of Public Health Twitter Accounts.” Sociological Methods & Research.

Ben Gibson, Norbou Buchler, Claire le Fleur, and Blaine Hoffman. 2019. “Participation Shifts Predict Long-Tailed Degree Distributions in a Communication Network.” PLoS One.

Ben Gibson and Timothy B. Mayhall. 2017 “Comprehension Context and Sponsor Effects in a Hospital Mental Health Study.” Sociological Methods & Research.

Fitzhugh, Sean M., Ben Gibson, Emma S. Spiro, Carter T. Butts. 2016 “Spatio-temporal Filtering Techniques for the Detection of Disaster-related Communication.” Social Science Research.

Sutton, Jeannette, Ben Gibson, Nolan Edward Phillips, Emma S. Spiro, Cedar League, Britta Johnson, Sean M. Fitzhugh, Carter T. Butts . 2015. “A cross-hazard analysis of terse message retransmission on Twitter.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.