I am C. Ben Gibson, Graduate Student Researcher at the University of California, Irvine under the Networks, Computation, and Social Dynamics Lab (NCASD) led by Carter T. Butts.  My research interests include a combination of social networks, quantitative methodology, public health, and informant accuracy.

I am especially interested in how the measurement and modeling of sexual contact networks affects our ability to conduct disease diffusion research. I have been involved in research exploring time scale adjustments for sexual contact network models, concurrency dynamics as it relates to dissolution of ties, and the inclusion of separability in dynamic network logisitic regression models.

Separate from the work above, I collected terabytes of data (and still growing) from online sources, and have undertaken its management and analysis using tools including R, SQL, and bash. I have also submitted a methodological paper featuring a novel method to detect elusive interviewer effects in data collection. I also have a paper under revision outlining a robustness check of qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) results (along with publically-available software applications).

Feel free to visit my CV, visit my google scholar page,  take a look at software I’ve developed, or read about my personal background.